Casino Banking Tutorial

Casino banking, it’s something that’s incredibly easy to do and yet it’s something that can also deter players due to a simple misunderstanding. The most commonly held misconception is that punching in your banking details at an online casino isn’t safe and this ties into the notion that online banking isn’t safe. The internet has … Continue reading Casino Banking Tutorial

The New Psychology

Distress. Death. Depression. There are about a million reasons people seek out therapy. With a human, to be clear. Think that’s a strange clarification to make? Think again. Humans aren’t the only psychologists people are turning to anymore. Like it or not, there is a new doc in town. Several, actually. And they’re not made … Continue reading The New Psychology

Roulette for Novices

At its very essence, gambling is a very simple procedure; you’re betting on an outcome, that’s it. The hope is that the outcome will favour you. As human beings though, we’re always looking for new ways to experience something we’ve become accustomed to, and I think this is because while we like it, we also … Continue reading Roulette for Novices

Countries of Influence

Often enough military and political might are used as yardsticks in determining the extent of a country’s influence. Luckily, people don’t rely only on these two measurements to determine the sway and influence of a country. Instead things like entertainment, food, fashion, in essence culture, are very strong contributing factors. It should come as no … Continue reading Countries of Influence